Apparently 5+5+5 Does Not Equal 15, Here’s Why

Parents are scratching their heads and expressing outrage at the Common Core school standards over a math quiz posted on Reddit, showing how teachers are marking students as incorrect, even for correct answers. Apparently, the reason for the point deduction had to do with how...

Reagan Gomez Sparks A Twitter Convo On Racism Against Black Girls In The Classroom

Actress Reagan Gomez-Preston started an intellectual discussion on Twitter recently when, in light of the recent Ben Fields story (where a South Carolina Deputy was caught on camera violently removing a black teenager from her classroom) she commented on higher rate of suspension among black...

Job & College Applications in the U.K. Will Hide Names to Prevent Racial Bias

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Monday that names will be hidden on job and college applications to remove racial bias. Writing in the Guardian, the conservative Prime Minister said the move was a plan to prevent unconscious bias. “Those assessing applications will not...