Jacque Reid Proves Existing Stigma of Black Women and Interracial Dating

The topic of interracial dating is a touchy one in the Black community, particularly because of the historical references and the stigma associated with the idea that you have to find ...

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Niecy Nash Says Oral Sex Will Keep The Divorce Attorneys Away

Niecy Nash has never been known to edit her words, and in her latest interview with Playboy, she definitely doesn’t hold back when describing the secret behind her still thriving ...

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Virginia Pastor's Dating Seminar Stirs Controversy With It's Touchy Title

Virginia pastor David-Jamel Williams recently partnered with HBCU Virginia Union to host a dating seminar inspired by his past experiences, but his efforts to enlighten others on the dos and ...

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The New York Times Reports The Casual Text is Replacing Casual Sex

Yesterday I read an article in The New York Times titled, "With Some Dating Apps: Less Casual Sex Than Casual Text." The article explored how people are making online connections, ...

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Are You The Marrying Kind?

Most women grow up fantasizing about the perfect wedding with the perfect guy but are we still expecting those dreams to be realized or are we buying into expectations that ...

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Instagram Page Bye Felipe Calls Out Rude Dudes

Dating is hard. Really hard. Online dating can be the pits. Having to deal with strangers who send inappropriate and/or sexually charged messages is not only a turnoff, but a ...

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People Bragging About Relationships on Facebook Might Be More Insecure

It’s happened to all of us, you log on to one of your many social media accounts and you see someone bragging about their relationship and how awesome their mate is. Again. Bae surprised me with flowers. Bae bae surprised me with dinner. My boo...

Facebook Group “Dead Beat Kenya” Shames ‘Deadbeat’ Parents

Oftentimes we see children who have misbehaved, in the eyes’ of their parents at least, being shamed across social media. But what if it were the parents who were being shamed for being negligent? In Kenya, a new Facebook group “Dead Beat Kenya” – which...

Streets Are Watching: Facebook Has Been Experimenting With Its Users

Just when you thought the NSA was prying into your personal lives, Facebook recently unveiled that they’ve been doing the same thing. Facebook recently published a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which stated that during one week in 2012 (one...

Court Bans New Jersey Woman From Ranting About Ex-Husband and Kids on Facebook

Those who like to consistently post Facebook statuses about their kids’ deadbeat dads and back child support might want to refrain from that. Earlier this month, a New Jersey appellate court ruled a judge’s decision to ban a mom from ranting about her ex-husband and...

Michigan Woman Stabs Two Women After Facebook Dispute

In this week’s “some people don’t need access to the Internet news”, a Michigan woman is now behind bars after stabbing two women with a butcher knife, all because of Facebook. Constance Almira Mullins, 29, of Benton Harbor, Mich., was jailed after two of her...