6 Years Later And I’m Still Spreading the Message: What I Learned From My Father’s Absence and Death

The night of July 8th my phone rang at exactly 11:36 pm. It was him. I thought to myself “What does this jerk want?” and tossed the phone back on the counter. The next morning I got a text from my older sister saying my father died.

Do You Ever Stop Fighting With Your Mom?

"Oh, OK, Frances. Whatever you say," I hiss at my mom, sarcasm seeping through the static. "It's not here! I. Don't. Have it." she answers back, her voice climbing to shrill with each declarative statement. Statements I know to be patently false and I refuse to let slide.

My Mom’s Sick And I’m More Mad Than Anything

Clearly I mask my intense fear and anxiety with intense anger. Very healthy.

An Ode to the Fabulous Aunt

A fabulous aunt is a must for kids with moms who hate the mall or shaving.
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