Queen Latifah Confirmed to Host the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Queen Latifah has landed quite an impressive gig. The daytime talk show host has been invited to host the 21st Annual Nobel Peace Prize concert-taking place in Oslo, Norway. According to ...

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Misty Copeland Gets New Show On Oxygen

Misty Copeland, who recently announced that she will be a featured soloist in the American Ballet Theatre’s production of Swan Lake at the Kennedy Center in D.C. next April, has ...

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Beyoncé’s New Single Might Debut Next Week

The rumor mill is swirling again now that we are fast approaching the Monday release of Beyonce’s box set, appropriately titled Beyoncé Platinum. There is reason to believe that her next ...

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Tracy Morgan Still Not Recovered From Highway Crash Injuries

Actor/Comedian Tracy Morgan is still hampered by the effects of the debilitating injuries he sustained from the horrific highway crash that occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike this past June ...

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Oprah Refused to Pay Hula Hoopers To Perform

Oprah has always been a hustler and this past fall she was on the road again, promoting her “Live the Life You Want Weekend” tour. The production made it rounds ...

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MTV Working on Documentary About White Racism

MTV has always been a force in the world of exploratory TV – they virtually initiated the blueprint with the birth of The Real World, and now they are taking ...

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“What the hell is a Catfish?”— Me

On Monday night, a good chunk of the people I follow on Twitter were practically howling about Catfish. Somehow I missed last month’s debut of the MTV hit show, one that seems to have quickly gained a cult following. Viacom’s President and CEO Philippe Dauman...

What Else Will It Take Before America Breaks Its Addiction to Guns?

By now you’ve probably heard about Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher murdering his girlfriend, 22-year-old Kasandra Michelle Perkins, before taking his own life. And if you’re like me you shook your head and commented on how completely tragic the whole event is. Another black...

Sex, Lies and ‘Beef': The Downfall of Hip-Hop

It is quite revealing that Hip-Hop, the most testosterone driven music genre in the world, is dependent on women for it’s survival. Sisters are both valuable commodities and expendable capital, used solely to raise the stature of rappers whose talent, or lack thereof, proves insufficient...

Does It Matter What They Think?

I had spent weeks gushing over the latest run-ins with my crush with a close friend of mine. “Guess who I just saw” I’d text, which would usually lead to a breakdown of what he said, what he was wearing, and of course how awesome...

Getting Real: When Is It Time to Give Up the Dream?

“Dream big!”  We’ve all heard that age-old adage that encourages us to follow our dreams.  But have you ever stopped and thought of what life would be like if every single person who had a dream was able to achieve it? It’s not possible.  As...