5 Steps to Take When You Fall Off the Clean Eating/Workout Wagon

Towards the end of summer, I decided to get really serious about clean eating and exercising.  Sure, bikini season was quickly coming to a close, but I looked at it this way: I got a jump on those New Year’s resolutions. However, I recently lost...

8 Ways to Maintain Fall Fitness

The days of belly baring crop tops are quickly coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean exercise routines should be tossed aside like last season’s fashions. The figure you worked so hard to show off in the summer must be maintained, even if it’s...

8 Lessons I’ve Learned During Marathon Training

In March, I signed up for a 5k called Bacon Chase that took place in June (the lure being that you got unlimited bacon at the end). I figured by the time it rolled around, I’d be ready for it. So, of course, I proceeded...

#SheSquatsBro: Fitness Culture and the Black Booty Paradox

All across social media can be found the image so familiar as to be blasé: the faceless spandex-clad individual, booty first, reminding without words, “Isn’t it about time you started squatting?”
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