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Kelis is Headed to the Cooking Channel with 'Holiday Feast With Kelis' Special

Kelis is an artist who has never been known to charter the predictable territory of her colleagues. The ‘Milkshake’ singer is still touring and doling out her signature beats but ...

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Could the “Flexitarian” Diet Be Perfect for You?

If your steady diet of Oreos and red wine every night could use a little revamping, you may want to consider adopting a “flexitarian” approach to it. The flexitarian diet ...

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Food Heaven Goes Clutch: 5-Minute Kale Guacamole Wraps

This is our latest installment in a series from Food Heaven Made Easy, a weekly healthy cooking webseries that I co-host with my BFF and fellow nutritionista Wendy. We are ...

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5 Steps to Take When You Fall Off the Clean Eating/Workout Wagon

Towards the end of summer, I decided to get really serious about clean eating and exercising.  Sure, bikini season was quickly coming to a close, but I looked at it ...

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How to Get Healthy and Fit by Cutting Out Certain Ingredients

Trying to lose weight? Striving to lead a healthier lifestyle, but not sure where to begin? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, you may want ...

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9 Ways to Combat Cravings

At times, those incessant middle-of-the-night cravings feel like a ferocious fire that can only be extinguished with a slice of cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies or salty French fries. They have ...

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food deserts

Whole Foods to Test Customer Rewards Program as Sales Decline and Competition Grows

Earlier this year Whole Foods Market launched a variety of initiatives to attract new customers as well as reverse its reputation and change its nickname from “Whole Paycheck.” The organic grocery chain’s rivals, such as Kroger and Wal-Mart, are luring away Whole Food’s customers by...

Actor Wendell Pierce Opens Grocery Stores in New Orleans Food Deserts

Food deserts – lack of access to grocery stores selling affordable, fresh foods – are critical issues in impoverished communities, including many New Orleans neighborhoods. Actor Wendell Pierce, a New Orleans native, is offering solutions. The “Treme” star launched Sterling Farms, a small chain of...

The First Lady Returns To Chicago to Eliminate “Food Deserts”

It may be unfortunate case of irony, that in one of the wealthiest nations in the world, The United States is home to a large number of “food deserts.” Wikipedia’s definition says, “A food desert is any area in the industrialized world where healthy, affordable...