How to Be an Even Better BFF

Never sleep with her man. Never blab her secrets. Pick up the phone, even if it’s 4a.m. and her emergency is “black dress, or jeans and pumps for my date tomorrow?” These are some of the most fundamental Do’s and Don’ts of being a BFF....

7 Rules Of Engagement For A Friendship Breakup

Not all friendships work out. We all can’t be the sisterhood of the traveling pants, okay? Sometimes somebody (with bad taste) just decides you suck. If you’re fortunate, a friendship fizzles out slowly and imperceptibly, without any awkward requests to get that cardigan back. If you’re...

8 Ways To Tell She’s The One

Happy National Friendship Day! Let’s make it all about Oprah for a moment, shall we? Oprah says in reference to Gayle (and I’m paraphrasing here), “Nothing’s better than a good friend,” and with the notable exception of a perfectly done French fry, I wholeheartedly agree. There’s...

Open Thread: All Girls, All Right

There’s nothing controversial about getting all the girls together for a bachelorette party or a milestone birthday party, but what about an all XX chromosome gathering just for the heck of it? New York Magazine contributor Ann Friedman pondered just that question for a recent piece.  Friedman notes...
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