harlem shake

Harlem Shake Appropriator Sued For Sampling

Just when you thought you'd heard the last on the re-boot of the "Harlem Shake", a monkey wrench in the form of lawsuits may have the man behind the meme shaking his pockets.

Harlem Reacts To The Imposter Harlem Shake

Though this is not the first case of mainstream culture appropriating a popular hip hop dance, it is certainly one of the more laughable occurrences. In case you’re in the dark when it comes to viral videos, the Harlem Shake dance craze is causing a...

The Harlem Shake Meme Is Not The Harlem Shake

Let’s have a quick lesson in popular hip-hop dances from the previous decade. This is the Harlem Shake: Now lets have a quick lesson in popular memes that have surfaced on YouTube that involve using the name of a popular hip-hop dance from the ‘90s. This...