Activist Group Taking Bravo to Task for Negative Portrayal of Black Women

It is no secret that Reality TV shows remain on the air based on how many catfights and punches they can jam into the season. Watching grown women tear each other’s hair out while bottles of wine fly through the air sounds like a crazy...

Checking for a Sista: Stereotype or No Big Deal?

So one day I was online looking for some more checks. Crazy right, I mean who uses checks anymore? Well, apparently I do. And since my bank, I won’t say which one but let’s just say it’s in America, charges freakin, $22 for a box...

Vogue Credits White Women for the Big Booty Epidemic

Vogue discovering booties is like Christopher Columbus discovering America. You can’t discover something that has already been noted since the beginning of time. If you haven’t read the iconic magazine’s article entitled “We’re Officially in the Era of the Big Booty” then you’re in for...

#SheSquatsBro: Fitness Culture and the Black Booty Paradox

All across social media can be found the image so familiar as to be blasé: the faceless spandex-clad individual, booty first, reminding without words, “Isn’t it about time you started squatting?”
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