Alice Walker Alleges Univ Of Michigan Withdrew Her Speaking Invitation Because Of Views On Israel

Alice Walker was recently preparing to speak at  the 50th anniversary of  University of Michigan’s  Center for the Education for Women. That was until she received an email from her agent alerting her that the university rescinded their invitation.  Here’s the email Walker’s assistant received  from her agent:...

Stevie Wonder Pulls Out of fundraiser Concert for Israel Because He’s Against War – Should Other Celebs Be More Vocal?

Stevie Wonder is one entertainer who isn’t afraid to stick to his values. The legendary musician recently announced that he is canceling his appearance at a concert that will raise funds for the organization Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. Wonder, who is a United...

Shock & Awe: Death Toll Rises As Israel Continues to Strike Gaza

The images pouring out of the Middle East are shocking: bloody bodies, parents holding their children’s lifeless bodies, plumes of smoke engulfing cities. As the conflict between Israel and the Palestine group Hamas rages on, many are wondering if officials will be able to secure...