Creflo Dollar Blasts Jet Fundraiser Critics: ‘If I Want to Believe God for a $65 Million Plane, You Cannot Stop Me’

Creflo Dollar recently took prosperity pimping to a whole new level when he attempted to raise funds for a $65 million jet. Dollar posted a fundraiser page on his website and urged people to help him move away from coach traveling. But after receiving criticism...

Creflo Dollar Has Lost His Mind, Wants Congregation To Buy Him a Jet

Creflo has dollars, and he has balls. The megachurch pastor is now asking his congregation to donate money so he can purchase a G6 jet! The money-grubbing pastor set up a donation page on his site — and is requesting everyone to donate money for...

Jet’s Editor-In-Chief Mitzi Miller Vents About Fantasia Via Her Facebook Page

Last month, Jet Magazine released a well crafted apology to Fantasia’s complaint regarding the old photos used on the cover. The apology was supposedly written by Editor-In-Chief, Mitzi  Miller. It was sincere and democratic at best. Well, Miller couldn’t leave well enough alone and decided to...