By Any Means Necessary? Unemployed Black Women Pretends to Be White, Job Prospects Dramatically Increase

  With the unemployment rate still hovering around eight-percent for Americans, and almost double that for black folks, one woman decided to up her chances of securing a job. After being unemployed for two years, Yolanda Spivey decided to attempt an experiment. An insurance professional,...

Can Love Survive an Extended Layoff?

As part of its ongoing series on job insecurity, Alternet recently examined whether or not couples can weather the challenges of extended unemployment. It’s a particularly timely discussion, given the instability of the job market and the ever-lengthening periods of joblessness many Americans face. If...

Is Your Social Media Presence Hurting Your Job Prospects?

With the economy still making a slow recovery, competition for well-paying jobs is at an all-time high. And while many job seekers are polishing up their resumes, cover letters, and lining up their references, increasingly employers are looking at more than just a person’s job...