(Update) Will Smith Says He & Jada Pinkett Smith Are NOT Getting Divorced!

I know, I know, not a year goes by without a rumor surfacing that spells the end of the Pinkett-Smith household, but according to an “insider” who’s close to the couple, Will and Jada are really getting ready to call it quits after 17 years of marriage. Gossip...

What Should You Do If Your Partner Is An Embarrassment?

In case you’re not up on your Twitter beef, for the last week, Philly rapper Meek Mill has been taking shots at Drake on social media. Though the two have collaborated in the past, Meek seemed to take offense to Drake’s refusal to tweet about...

Love is Like a Drug, No Really it is!

Ordinarily, when you’re in love with a person you often feel like you are emotionally dependent on the individual. It’s like you “can’t live without” him or her. Well, research has proven you are indeed dependent (addicted) to your lover. Studies demonstrate being in love...