You HAVE to Read Why This Man Says He’ll ‘Never Be His Wife’s Equal’

When the words, “When men stop relying on the women who love us to do the heavy lifting of partnership,” scrolled across my Twitter timeline with a link attached, I couldn’t help but click on it. I mean, that sentence was so on point I knew I had to...

This Company Wants to Help Pay For Your Wedding, But There’s a Catch

Weddings can be super expensive. Between buying the perfect dress, securing a dope venue, and feeding guests, getting hitched can easily cost couples tens of thousands of dollars. While many go into serious debt trying to pull of the perfect wedding, one Seattle-based startup is ready...

Mo’Nique Gives Husband ‘Pass to Cheat’ Because She Rejects Western Ideals of Ownership

Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique isn’t afraid to speak her mind. In fact, it’s her willingness to be frank about topics like weight loss, relationships, and Hollywood that makes her so relatable to her fans. While the Precious star has spoken about her open marriage in the past, her latest...