Vogue Posts SlideShow In Response to Elle’s Plus-Size Controversy

Elle entered into dangerous territory when the publication profiled model Myla Dalbesio and categorized her as"plus-size."  Despite being a size 10  -- which is considered plus-sized in the modeling world, Dalbesio is successfully gaining ...

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Vogue Fails the Cultural Sensitivity Test – Again

Vogue has never been known to adopt the global policies that enhance the fashion capabilities of anything outside of their realm of tolerance. For instance, not too long ago, a ...

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The Baby Fashionistas of Social Media: What Happened to Kids Dressing Like Kids?

I’ll be the first one to admit a slight uterus tug (slight…very, very slight) at the adorable photos that pop up on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. showing off little boys ...

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5 Black Shoe Designers

Despite the fashion industry’s well-documented struggles with diversity, several Black designers who possess incomparable amounts of determination, persistence and creativity have quite literally put their best foot forward by creating successful, ...

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Beyoncé And Topshop Launch Athletic Streetwear Label

Beyoncé is teaming up with Topshop for a new athletic streetwear label. The British retailer, called Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd., will launch its first products next fall. The collaboration will be ...

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Teyana Taylor Takes ELLE to Harlem for Fall Fashion Editorial

Entertainer Teyana Taylor is featured in a full-length fall fashion editorial in ELLE. Teyana was photographed by Katie Friedman in her hometown of Harlem. ELLE captured Teyana in some of ...

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4 Celebrities Who Dare To Rock Menswear — Would You?

Women have been borrowing from the boys as long as I can remember and yet the allure of a woman in a menswear-inspired suit won’t die down. There’s something so captivating about the juxtaposition of a super-feminine red lip or cleavage-baring ensemble with sharp menswear...

Three Black Menswear Style Blogs You Need To Know

Fashion blogs run by women are pretty pervasive, but there are just as many exceptional menswear blogs on the internet. From sites that offer priceless style advice to those that feature beautiful, eye-catching, quality images, menswear blogs present a wide spectrum of content that is...

Act Like a Lady, Dress Like a Man

One of the things we love so much about being girls is that when it comes to fashion, there pretty much isn’t anything that’s off limits—including dressing like a man. We know walking around the house in your man’s Oxford button down shirt is one...

Miss Masculine: How To Wear Menswear

The last few seasons, menswear has made quite the impression on the runways and the ladies. Thanks to designers like Alexander McQueen and Coco Chanel, they’ve taught us that if executed right menswear can create a polished elegance with an androgynous spin. The tailored, menswear...

5 Men Whose Gender-Bending Style We Love

Women dressing as men isn’t a new phenomenon, we’ve been borrowing from the boys since, well, forever. But the boys haven’t been sitting idly by either. Way before Kanye decided to put on a women’s blouse, there were men who had gender-blending sense of style,...