Thursday Aug 25th

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Charlize Theron Dresses Adoptive Black Son in Blonde Wig & Dress: The Politics of Transracial Adoption

Charlize Theron was recently spotted with her 5-year-old adopted Black son, Jackson Theron, who was dressed in a blonde wig and dress. The website who released the photos claim that Charlize Theron thinks her son is transgender, though these details have never been confirmed by...

Forget What White Feminists Are Talking About, We Need To Focus On Black Women Earning 60 Cents For Every White Male Dollar

60 cents. How many times have you heard that figure come out of the mouth of a white female proponent of equal pay? We’re guessing none. But we know you’ve heard the number 79, the figure that’s become the arc of the equal pay movement and...

Taraji P Henson’s MAC Collection Is On Its Way

MAC and Taraji P. Henson have some exciting things in store for us starting September 6th. The brand’s latest and most exciting collection of the year will be based on the Golden Globe winner’s own makeup style, rather than that of her Empire character, Cookie...

First Year Chicago Teacher’s Catchy ‘Welcome To 4th Grade’ Rap Goes Viral

First year teacher Dwayne Reed found a creative way to get his 4th grade students excited about his class. Reed, who appeared on “Good Morning America” earlier today, said he came up with the idea and recorded the catchy rap song in one day. The...

Nate Parker Has The Nerve To Be Disappointed In Black People’s Response To His Rape Case

No matter where you stand on Nate Parker and his upcoming film, Birth of a Nation, it’s safe to say news that the actor was enthralled in a rape case while in college was both shocking and disappointing for everyone. Regardless of Parker being acquitted of the...

Black Women Dating Older Men: Don’t Be Afraid To Tell Them “Pay My Bills, Thanks”

While dating, there is one (often left unstated) rule that gives men far too much freedom and power: Men are entitled to seek out younger women, but have no obligation to date older women. As a 26-year-old single Black woman who frequents dating websites, I...