Natural Hair

BuzzFeed’s ‘Things Women With Natural Hair Are Tired Of Hearing’

Check out BuzzFeed's latest video 'Things Women With Natural Hair Are Tired Of Hearing.'

The Crown and The Glory: 10 Books to Help Children Embrace Natural Hair

In light of the Navy discharging Black sailor Jessica Sims after she refused to shave off her locs or cover them with a wig, it’s more evident than ever that Black children everywhere need to be fully stocked with affirmations that help them to embrace...

Modern Day Natural Hair Icons We Love

Angela Davis was a trailblazer with her perfectly picked afro in the late 1960s. Diana Ross rocked the curly version of the afro in the early 70s. Chaka Khan wasn’t afraid to accessorize her huge afro with flowers in the late 1970s. Natural hair has...

5 Hairstyles for TWA Stage

When you transform from a perm to natural, you must not be afraid of the big chop. When you are left with your Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA), you may think “How am I going to style this little bit of hair?” Whether your hair is...
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