Is Your Internet Browser Anti-Gay? OkCupid Encourages Users Not To Use Mozilla Firefox

Recently, Mozilla appointed Brenden Eich as its newest CEO and the company is now receiving backlash from its employees and OkCupid. Eich is a supporter  Proposition 8 – which aimed to  ban gay marriage in California — and he also donated to politicians who backed...

NYC Man Is Suing OkCupid After He Got Scammed Out Of $70K

There’s the saying “a sucker is born every day” and apparently online dating is a hotbed for those looking to sucker the naive out of money. Michael Picciano, 65, says in a Manhattan Supreme Court suit that he gave over $70,000 to man he met on...

Why A So-Called “Nice Guy” Isn’t All That Nice

A short while ago there was quite a bit of controversy over a Tumblr blog called “Nice Guys of OK Cupid” that shamed the so-called “nice guys” of the popular online dating web site for being clueless trolls. Many loved it. Others derided it as unfair because...