Stephen A. Smith, Please Don’t Speak on Black Issues Ever Again

How many times are these black puppets on TV going to fail us?

Black Women and Sex—Does Empire Show It All?

Gabby Sidibe's good-good sex and the next chapter in depicting the fullness of black women's sexuality on TV.

Student’s Answers to Slavery Assignment Will Leave You Questioning America’s School System

I found it. LMFAO! Can y’all sense how fed up my daughter was with this assignment? pic.twitter.com/0VP1uyT31X — Brandy with a Y (@BtSquared2) October 27, 2015 A mother was understandably upset when her daughter came home with an assignment from a school that asked students...

The New York Times Resurrects The Myth Of The Violent Black Crackhead

The myth of the Black violent, crack addict has resurfaced. The New York Times recently ran an article on Tyrone Howard, a 30-year-old Black man who allegedly killed a police officer. According to the article, Howard managed to win “relief from a legal system more...