The Baby Fashionistas of Social Media: What Happened to Kids Dressing Like Kids?

I’ll be the first one to admit a slight uterus tug (slight…very, very slight) at the adorable photos that pop up on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. showing off little boys and girls dressed to the nines in the latest fashions. You say, “Aw,” and you...

Facebook Group “Dead Beat Kenya” Shames ‘Deadbeat’ Parents

Oftentimes we see children who have misbehaved, in the eyes’ of their parents at least, being shamed across social media. But what if it were the parents who were being shamed for being negligent? In Kenya, a new Facebook group “Dead Beat Kenya” – which...

Real Talk: On Debra Harrell’s Arrest, Motherhood & Race

In last week’s Mommie Dearest column, I wrote about Debra Harrell, a South Carolina mother who was arrested for “abandoning” her nine-year-old daughter at a park while she worked at a nearby McDonald’s. (Just yesterday we learned that Harrell has been let go from her job.) I had...

Teaching Our Children to Love Their Natural Hair

We all love our children.  They are the truest extension of ourselves. As we do our best to rear them into productive and positive individuals before they leave our nest we guide them on what is right and wrong, and how to survive.  We want...
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