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Kelis is Headed to the Cooking Channel with 'Holiday Feast With Kelis' Special

Kelis is an artist who has never been known to charter the predictable territory of her colleagues. The ‘Milkshake’ singer is still touring and doling out her signature beats but ...

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Could the “Flexitarian” Diet Be Perfect for You?

If your steady diet of Oreos and red wine every night could use a little revamping, you may want to consider adopting a “flexitarian” approach to it. The flexitarian diet ...

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Food Heaven Goes Clutch: 5-Minute Kale Guacamole Wraps

This is our latest installment in a series from Food Heaven Made Easy, a weekly healthy cooking webseries that I co-host with my BFF and fellow nutritionista Wendy. We are ...

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5 Steps to Take When You Fall Off the Clean Eating/Workout Wagon

Towards the end of summer, I decided to get really serious about clean eating and exercising.  Sure, bikini season was quickly coming to a close, but I looked at it ...

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How to Get Healthy and Fit by Cutting Out Certain Ingredients

Trying to lose weight? Striving to lead a healthier lifestyle, but not sure where to begin? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, you may want ...

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9 Ways to Combat Cravings

At times, those incessant middle-of-the-night cravings feel like a ferocious fire that can only be extinguished with a slice of cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies or salty French fries. They have ...

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Kimberly Elise Sports Rock Hard Abs in a New Ad for PETA

Kimberly Elise revels in her vegan lifestyle with a new ad for PETA. In the ad the “Hit the Floor” actress flaunts her ripped abs and toned arms in a pink sports bra and black workout tights. She also gripes a tomato in one hand...

Tia Mowry Poses for PETA, Talks Getting Bullied on Twitter For Being A Vegan

Though some stereotypes would have you believe we only eat poorly, there is a substantial black vegan community. Actress Tia Mowry is lending her celebrity to the growing vegan movement by posing for the latest PETA ad. However, rather than go naked, Tia is photographed...

Evelyn Lozada is the Latest Celebrity to Pose Naked for PETA

PETA has been accused of harassment, fat shaming, objectifying women and even making racist attacks against African-Americans yet those claims don’t stop celebrities from working with the organization. Evelyn Lozada is the latest star to lend her celebrity to PETA’s cause, joining a long list...

Wendy Williams Strips Down for PETA

Talk show diva Wendy Williams just became the latest celeb to bare all for animal rights group PETA. While Williams is a foodie who loves to eat meat, PETA tapped her for their “no fur” campaign, which debuted yesterday in Times Square. Williams joins stars...