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Kelis is Headed to the Cooking Channel with 'Holiday Feast With Kelis' Special

Kelis is an artist who has never been known to charter the predictable territory of her colleagues. The ‘Milkshake’ singer is still touring and doling out her signature beats but ...

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#ThxBirthControl: The Choices We Make

At 16, most of us weren’t ready to have a baby. Nor were we ready at 18. Or 19. Or even 25. Or even right now. Some of us are ...

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5 Weight Lifting Benefits For Women

Unfortunately, some women shy away from lifting weights because of the misconception that it basically means sacrificing their soft, feminine curves for bulky muscles and an overall masculine appearance. ...

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Self-Confidence Check, 1, 2, 1, 2

The other night I was watching the final episode of "Project Runway" and one of the female finalists said, "It's OK to be confident." She said this as if she were ...

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Reported Ebola Cases Increase to 13,703, WHO reports

Although, the number of new Ebola cases appear to be dropping in Liberia, the epidemic is far from over. World Health Organisation (WHO) is now reporting the number of reported ...

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Fat vs. Thick: A New Drake Lyric Sparks an Old Debate

Both Drake and Lil' Wayne make guest appearances on "Only," Nicki Minaj's latest track. But it's Drake's line about BBW - that would be Big Beautiful Woman - that has ...

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Moms-To-Be Can Now Request an Epidural at Any Stage of Labor

Great news for expecting mothers: you no longer have to play the waiting game during labor. In a new study conducted by researchers at Singapore’s KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital it was discovered women can receive an epidural, the most popular anesthesia used for pain...

Zoe Saldana Confirms She Is Pregnant With Twins

Over the summer actress Zoe Saldana was the center of attention as a result of her growing belly bump. A few months later, there is no denying the Carmel-skinned beauty is expecting. On Thursday night, while walking the red carpet for Marc Malkin’s exclusive red...

Is Beyoncé Expecting? Jay Z’s Lyric Change Sparks Rumor

Rumor has it the Carters are expecting another “Love on Top.” On the last leg of the “On the Run” Tour allegedly the 44-year-old rapper remixed “Beach is Better.” In a video that has gone viral, you can hear the Brooklyn native substitute the original...

Alicia Keys Announces Second Pregnancy

Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz are expecting their second child, and made the announcement on her social media accounts. Alicia and Swizz got married on  July 31, 2010, and wanted to celebrate their anniversary by announcing the news. Their 3-year old son, Egypt, will soon be a...

Open Thread: Is The Media Invading a Celebrity’s Privacy When It Talks About Their Pregnancy Before They Do?

For the last couple of weeks, the media has speculated about whether or not Zoe Saldana was pregnant. Outside of the obvious baby bump that was brewing, news outlets continuously reported on their assumptions, without getting word from Zoe.  Unfortunately, the newly married and Guardian...