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President Obama Covers ‘Out,’ Becomes First Sitting POTUS to Be Photographed For a LGBT Magazine

President Obama is used to making history. He’s the first Black President of the United States, the first African-American to be elected president of the Harvard Law Review, the first POTUS to pass comprehensive health care reform, the first president to visit a federal prison...

President Obama Aims To Ban The Have You Been Convicted Of A Crime Checkbox

President Obama is set to announce a series of measures designed to make the process of reintegrating into society easier for former prisoners, including an executive order directing federal employers to delay inquiring about a job applicant’s criminal past until later in the application process....

President Obama Says ‘Playing Like A Girl Means You’re A Badass’ & We TOTALLY Agree!

Despite female athletes like Serena Williams, Maya Moore, Gabby Douglass, and Sanya Richards-Ross absolutely killing it in their respective sports, many falsely believe women aren’t as competitive or as talented as their male counterparts. But today, President Obama set the record all the way straight. While honoring the U.S. women’s...