Look of the Day: Summertime Prints

Now, if this isn’t how summertime fine looks, then we don’t know what does… Get into models Suzane and Suzana Massena in stunning fashions by Stella Jean. [poll id=”396″]

Men in Prints: Yay or Nay?

Conservative menswear red carpet looks seem to be a thing of the past. At the 2012 BET Awards, men took brave fashion risks, embracing the season’s trends with boldness and verve. One of the more popular sensations in menswear currently is prints, and Swizz Beatz...

A Quick Guide to Mixing Prints

Never be afraid to mix prints. The concept may seem outrageous. Once you experiment and learn what works with what, you may find yourself embracing the art of mixing. Printed pieces like a floral top or a leopard scarf can transform an outfit when worn...