Man Claims He Helped Facilitate Models Into Bill Cosby’s Dressing Room

A chaotic as the Cosby saga has become – one thing can be confirmed and that is his supposed insatiable appetite for sex. The women are literally coming out in ...

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Lance Gross and Fiancé Rebecca Jefferson Welcome Baby Girl

Actor Lance Gross and fiancée Rebecca Jefferson welcomed a baby girl and the announcement was made via Instagram. Gross introduced “Berkeley Brynn Gross XI.XX.MMXIV” by revealing her adorably tiny hand. Their new ...

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The Queen Latifah Show Has Been Canceled

Queen Latifah confirmed on Facebook that her daytime talk show will be not be returning for another season. Production on her show is expected to wrap up by the end ...

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Rudy Giuliani Says Black People Encourage Cop Killers

'The white police officers wouldn't be there if you weren't killing each other' -  Rudy Giuliani NBC’s Meet the Press Became a battleground as the debate about white police officers targeting ...

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Lemony Snicket Author Says He’s Sorry for Making Racist Jokes

Daniel Handler known for his uber popular book Lemony Snicket, is trying to make amends for the racist joke he offered to the audience at the National Book Awards on ...

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Shanesha Taylor Fights For The Right To Spend Her Money

Arizona mom Shanesha Taylor has dominated the headlines as prosecutors work to bring her to justice for misusing monetary donations she received from public supporters. They claim the single mother ...

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Racial Profiling

The Audacity of White: Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Live-Tweets Standoff with SWAT Team

Well, well, well, file this one under: Only in America. Yesterday, former UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller was engaged in a standoff with local police and SWAT officers at his home in Mission Viejo, California, after being served with multiple warrants for his arrest. Instead...

Recent Police Stop in D.C. Illuminated in Black and White

In most of America’s cities, many neighborhoods remain segregated by race. Washington, D.C. (a city, it should be noted that does not have white working class) is no exception. Certain neighborhoods have been predominantly upscale and white for decades and this can lead to racial...

Ohio Police Threatens to Give Couple’s Newborn to Child Protective Services During Traffic Stop

A new video of Ohio police misconduct and racial profiling has gone viral. On Wednesday, 34-year-old Andre Stockett and Karthyn Said were driving with their two-week old baby when police pulled them over and asked for Said’s license. Stockett sensed something was not right and...

LAPD “Confuses” Black Actress for a Prostitute

Daniele Watts is an actress who currently stars in Martin Lawrence’s “Partners” tv show and was also in “Django Unchained”, but over the weekend, none of that prevented her from being racially profiled by the LAPD. Watts’ took to her Facebook page to explain the ordeal. “Today I...

Barneys Agrees To Pay $525K To Settle Racial Profiling Allegations

Barneys has agreed to pay $525,000 to settle allegations that minorities entering its Madison Ave. flagship store were unfairly profiled.  In regards to an investigation, State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman listened to first hand accounts from customers and former employees that showed a pattern of racial profiling after...