Schools Are Harsher Are on Black Girls, Especially If They Are Dark-Skinned

The New York Times investigated the uneven treatment Black girls experience when being disciplined in school. Their findings are in line with what any of us would assume considering the current racial climate. According to data pulled from the Office for Civil Rights at the...

Clemson Fraternity Suspended For Gang-Themed ‘Cripmas’ Party

Evidently college students are not as smart as you might think. It is common knowledge that social change is at the forefront of the struggle erupting from the racial unrest in Ferguson, Staten Island and most of the nation. Over at Clemson University in South...

Ohio Police Officer ‘Jokingly’ Says “I Hate Niggers. That is All.”

Five police officers in Montgomery Count, OH are under investigation for sharing a series of racist texts that were supposed to be in jest but seem more like stuff you would find in the handbook of the KKK. One of the officers wrote, “I’ll stab...

Ferguson Protester Subjected to Racist Viral Meme

Just when you can’t imagine things getting worse, another day brings an even more disgusting reminder that the racial divide in the nation will not be narrowing anytime soon. Jermell Hasson, spent majority of his summer protesting against the injustice of Michael Brown’s killing. Now,...

New York’s Heartland Brewery Uses Slave Language For Sales Promotion

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage in the news items that pertain to the uncomfortably rife world of racism. This time the culprit is New York City’s Heartland Brewery. Heartland like most retailers in the same genre, offer a specialized seasonal concoction. This year,...

New Tumblr Assigned With Policing and Firing Racists

The Internet cannot be messed with especially when you have a tendency to be politically incorrect or even worse – a racist. A new Tumblr has been established with the intent of keeping a public record of people who have been fired for making racially...
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