Ferguson Corrections Officer Raped Pregnant Woman in Jail

 A Ferguson corrections officer is the subject of a federal civil rights lawsuit after being accused of raping a pregnant inmate in exchange for her freedom. The woman, who uses her initials J.W. in the lawsuit, was driving with expired license plates last month when...

Bill Cosby Has No Response To Rape Allegations

Well, it looks like battered comedian Bill Cosby is just as stumped as we are when it comes to the multiple allegations of rape. While visiting with Weekend Edition host Scott Simon on Saturday to discuss his apparently impressive collection of African art, Simon decided...

ESPN’s First Take Host Skip Bayless Believes Kobe Bryant’s Rape Allegations Helped the NBA Star “Sizzle”

It appears that the hosts of ESPN’s First Take are competing to see who can offer up the most thoughtless, insensitive and incendiary remarks. The sports talk program has barely recovered from the backlash surrounding Stephen A. Smith’s outlandish domestic violence comments and now fellow...

Officer Charged With Raping 8 Black Women Is Receiving Online Donations

The quickest way to earn a few extra thousand dollars as a white person is to be a cop and kill a black man, or rape a black woman. As was the case with Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer who shot and killed...
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