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5 Weight Lifting Benefits For Women

Unfortunately, some women shy away from lifting weights because of the misconception that it basically means sacrificing their soft, feminine curves for bulky muscles and an overall masculine appearance. ...

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5 Steps to Take When You Fall Off the Clean Eating/Workout Wagon

Towards the end of summer, I decided to get really serious about clean eating and exercising.  Sure, bikini season was quickly coming to a close, but I looked at it ...

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8 Ways to Maintain Fall Fitness

The days of belly baring crop tops are quickly coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean exercise routines should be tossed aside like last season’s fashions. The figure you ...

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8 Lessons I've Learned During Marathon Training

In March, I signed up for a 5k called Bacon Chase that took place in June (the lure being that you got unlimited bacon at the end). I figured by ...

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#SheSquatsBro: Fitness Culture and the Black Booty Paradox

"The black man in America is the most copied man on this planet, bar none.” — Paul Mooney “So is the Black woman.” — Me Like many, my engagement with what I dub the ...

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Top Fitness Video Subscriptions For Active Women

Like any other industry, fitness is always trying to find a new way to sell you its goods. And the most popular product that’s currently for sale is online fitness ...

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Here’s A Resolution: Stop Complaining About People Taking Over Your Gym, And Encourage Them Instead

It’s safe to say that if you’re a human between the ages of 18 to 65 with a Facebook account, your friends’ New Years Resolutions have been popping up on your news feed from the moment the ball dropped. Some hope to cut back on their vino intake,...

101 New Year’s Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Smoking, Weight Loss, Or Becoming BFFs With Your Mother-In-Law

New Year’s resolutions are always painfully predictable. Lose weight. Quit smoking. Learn French. Stop making snarky remarks behind your mother-in-law’s back. These kinds of resolutions are not only cliche, they’re difficult — if not impossible — to follow through on. They’re probably going to make you...

Happy New Year! Let’s the Weight Loss Commercials Begin – But Do the Programs Really Work?

We’ve wished each other a Merry Christmas, downed a few too many glasses of eggnog, and popped bottles in celebration of the New Year. After all of our holiday parties, sugary treats, decadent meals, and non-stop partying, many of us are looking to reboot and...

New Year’s Eve Resolutions for Celebrities

While we’re all making our last-minute decisions about what we’d like to give up or implement in the new year, we thought it might be fun to take a break and think about what kinds of resolutions some high-profile celebs might be making today. We’ve...