Grand Jury’s Decision Initiates #BoycottBlackFriday

As most of the nation’s population tries to make sense of the decision made by he grand jury to not indict Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, ...

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Al Sharpton’s Finances Reveal Questionable Activity

Al Sharpton’s rise to power has always been attributed to his ability to be the spokesperson and mascot for victims of racial injustice. Wherever disruptive activity dwells, Sharpton marches to ...

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Jacque Reid Proves Existing Stigma of Black Women and Interracial Dating

The topic of interracial dating is a touchy one in the Black community, particularly because of the historical references and the stigma associated with the idea that you have to find ...

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Niecy Nash Says Oral Sex Will Keep The Divorce Attorneys Away

Niecy Nash has never been known to edit her words, and in her latest interview with Playboy, she definitely doesn’t hold back when describing the secret behind her still thriving ...

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Stay-cations: What They Are and How to Do Them Right

’Tis the season…for overeating and overspending. And in the midst of the chaos, sometimes you just need a break. With the price tag that often accompanies the holidays, sometimes it’s ...

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Virginia Pastor's Dating Seminar Stirs Controversy With It's Touchy Title

Virginia pastor David-Jamel Williams recently partnered with HBCU Virginia Union to host a dating seminar inspired by his past experiences, but his efforts to enlighten others on the dos and ...

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Stuck in a Rut? Travel or Move Outside Your Comfort Zone

Many of us get caught up in our daily routine especially with the responsibilities that hold us hostage and leave very little room for improvisation. All your passions and zest for life give way to stale days filled with chaos and stress, and suddenly you...

Self-Confidence Check, 1, 2, 1, 2

The other night I was watching the final episode of “Project Runway” and one of the female finalists said, “It’s OK to be confident.” She said this as if she were reassuring herself that she had a right to be confident and a right to believe...

5 Ways To Love Yourself Now

Tracee Ellis Ross, star of the new ABC series Black-ish has been our hair, style and attitude muse since she played Joan on Girlfriends; the quirky bohemian quintessential BFF – similar in a myriad of ways to Tracee’s real life persona. During a recent interview...

Bypass the Burn: 7 Ways to Prevent Burnout

Ever find yourself barely limping along with what feels like an infinite to-do list stretched out in front of you? Sometimes the end appears like a mirage in the desert, wavering in the distance. You’re approaching something alright, but unfortunately it’s not the finish line....

Listen to Kendrick Lamar’s Positive and Uplifting New Single “I”

If you are in need of some uplifting and positive energy — check out the latest single by Kendrick Lamar entitled “I (love myself).” The Rahki-produced track samples the Isley Brothers’ 1973 version of their soul hit “That Lady” — and is all about self-love...