Here’s What Happens When You Try to Explain Privilege to Well-Meaning, Clueless Allies

Have you ever tried to explain things like white privilege or male privilege to someone who just doesn’t get it? Well, this video from the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project might just help. Starring of Saturday Night Live, the video follows Zamata and her clueless white male friend as...

This Female Comic Was Brutally Beaten By a Group of Men For Rejecting Their Advances

“As a woman, you should be able to say no,” 23-year-old Paris Sashay told a reporter after she was brutally beaten by a group of men. The young comic and her friends had just left a party at a nightclub in Washington D.C. when they were followed by the men, who began...

Karrine Steffans Shades Lil Wayne’s Sex Tape & Makes a Great Point About Sexist Double Standards

Oh man, looks like Karrine Steffans is channeling her inner-Petty Wap. After word spread that Steffans’ former paramour, Lil Wayne was shopping a sex tape, the self-proclaimed Video Vixen decided to take a look…but not before dropping some shade Wayne’s way. The homie @LilTunechi has a sex...