It Happened To Me: My Middle School Nurse Shamed Me For Having Big Boobs

In 6th grade, I didn’t realize like I do now the impact of a white woman calling out the size of my body and its parts.

Dealbreaker: The Slut Shamer

I’ve never been fond of being called “nice.” Nice, to me, is a consolation-prize adjective; it’s a lazy descriptor you use for a person who isn’t interesting enough to rate a few more syllables. Nice is for potholders and admirable recycling habits, for neutral weather patterns and cuts of...

Is “Shaming” Becoming An Overused Term?

Earlier this week I purposefully used the term “shaming” in a post about news anchor, Jennifer Livingston, and the email she received from a “concerned” viewer. Everyone probably knows the response she gave the viewer and the rallying people did for her, myself included. By...