He Is Miserable Without White Validation

It’s a shame self-loathing Negroes like The Guardian’s Orville Lloyd Douglas didn’t take the “Big Poppa” lyric "I wish people suffering from I hate being Black disorder took the Biggie line, "Heart ...

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Omarosa Credits Bethenny Frankel's 'Mediocre' Success to White Privilege

Omarosa and Bethenny Frankel got into a heated discussion on the latter's talk show today in a discussion about their careers and white privilege. The twosome have been at odds for ...

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White Teens Dress Up as George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin for Halloween

The assault on Trayvon Martin's humanity continues. People continue to disrespect the slain unarmed teen even in death, and the latest offenders are two white teenagers who dressed up as ...

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American Horror Story: Coven & The Queenie Masturbation Scene

I've never felt so uneasy about watching American Horror Story until last night. American Horror Story: Coven managed to hit on all levels of perversion in last night's episode. There ...

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Lil Raggamuffin

Donation Worthy: Lil Raggamuffin Camp

Lil Raggamuffin Summer Camp provides an “entrepreneurs without borders” experience to children in Jamaica as part of an international youth development organization. The program works to demystify the challenges of ...

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New Zealand Singer Lorde Is Shading The Music Industry & Making A Profit From It At The Same Time

I've always wanted to understand how does one participate in the music industry and shame it all at once. Remember Kanye's consumerism and pop culture rant, you know the consumerism ...

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When It Comes to On-Screen Arguments, Producers Want Viewers to Blame the Scary Black Man

Despite its name, reality TV is anything but. Arguments are often set up and tense situations are regularly manufactured in an effort to spark drama, and hopefully garner high ratings. But when on-screen arguments involve black folks, and specifically black men, why is it that...

Kerry Washington’s Scandal Premieres Tonight, Will You Be Watching?

Tonight ABC is gearing up for the premiere of its newest D.C.-based drama Scandal, which stars Kerry Washington. The show follows Olivia Pope, a Washington D.C. crisis management expert who cleans up many of the embarrassing and potentially career-ending secrets of the city’s elite. Scandal is written by veteran...

Loving Black Women is Not an Affliction

You’re as excited as I am about Mad Men’s return after a super-long hiatus, right? I’ve been jonesing for some Joan…and Don and Peggy and Roger. Five seasons haven’t diminished the fact that the show is one of the smartest things on television. And guess...

Kerry Washington Gets Vanity Fair Feature, But Not the Cover–What’s Up With That?

Kerry Washington is gearing up for the debut of her ABC primetime show, Scandal, and the press is eating it up. In the show, Washington plays Olivia Pope, a D.C. crisis-management expert whose clients are some of the city’s most prominent residents. In Scandal, she’s...

It’s Not Just Us: ABC to Produce Show Starring For Latina Maids

Yesterday I asked if networks were finally adding more diversity to their fall lineups, and today it seems like it might actually be true. Only problem? They seem to want people of color to play to the stereotype. According to Deadline and Jezebel, Eva Longoria is...