Jacque Reid Proves Existing Stigma of Black Women and Interracial Dating

The topic of interracial dating is a touchy one in the Black community, particularly because of the historical references and the stigma associated with the idea that you have to find ...

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Niecy Nash Says Oral Sex Will Keep The Divorce Attorneys Away

Niecy Nash has never been known to edit her words, and in her latest interview with Playboy, she definitely doesn’t hold back when describing the secret behind her still thriving ...

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Virginia Pastor's Dating Seminar Stirs Controversy With It's Touchy Title

Virginia pastor David-Jamel Williams recently partnered with HBCU Virginia Union to host a dating seminar inspired by his past experiences, but his efforts to enlighten others on the dos and ...

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The New York Times Reports The Casual Text is Replacing Casual Sex

Yesterday I read an article in The New York Times titled, "With Some Dating Apps: Less Casual Sex Than Casual Text." The article explored how people are making online connections, ...

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Are You The Marrying Kind?

Most women grow up fantasizing about the perfect wedding with the perfect guy but are we still expecting those dreams to be realized or are we buying into expectations that ...

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Instagram Page Bye Felipe Calls Out Rude Dudes

Dating is hard. Really hard. Online dating can be the pits. Having to deal with strangers who send inappropriate and/or sexually charged messages is not only a turnoff, but a ...

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5 Sure Social Media Signs That He’s Not the One

Most know social media as a form of digital communication, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, which allows you to keep in touch with friends and stay abreast of everything from pop culture to world news. In addition to finding childhood friends and obsessing over Rih...

How To Break Up Passive-Aggressively Through Instagram

Gone are the days of the “Dear Jane or John” letters. Gone are the days of calling someone up and cursing them out over the phone to break up with them. Also, gone are the days of declaring your new-found singleness with a Facebook status...

Vine Video Of Smoking Toddler Goes Viral

In yet another display of child abused posted on social media, Vine user @NikoWavy posted  someone else’s video of of a toddler smoking that resembles a blunt. The short clip showed a toddler sitting on the toilet, inhaling and in the background you can hear adults laughing....

Tweets Are Talking: #Dangerousblackkids

On the heels of the Michael Dunn verdict, people expressed their displeasure and disbelief on the mistrial verdict for the first degree murder charge.  Jamie Nesbitt Golden started the #dangerousblackkids hashtag on Twitter, where people posted pictures of  the black kids that society have deemed “dangerous” and “threats”....

Nine Black Twitter (aka Twitter) Feeds You Need to Follow Right Now

Let’s be very clear. Black Twitter is Twitter. Black Twitter is not some little niche of the popular social media platform, it is a driving force.  Mainstream publications now regularly create content based on what Black Twitter tweets.  “Plugging in” to Black Twitter on most days is...