Black Women and Sex—Does Empire Show It All?

Gabby Sidibe's good-good sex and the next chapter in depicting the fullness of black women's sexuality on TV.

Kickstart Diversity Launches to Bring More Diverse Voices Into Hollywood

Diversity isn’t something that Hollywood has tapped into and film and media incubator Big Vision Empty Wallet is looking to change that by launching a new incentive program to boost visibility of women, people of color, and LGBT individuals in film and television. On Monday,...

Deadline TV Editor Cries About Too Much Diversity on Television

In today’s “Whatchu talkin’ about, Willis?” news, a writer for Deadline has an issue with all of the diversity being displayed on television that’s now leaving white actors unemployed. And the internet went: after reading the piece of garbage. Nellie Andreeva’s white tears received no love...

Phylicia Rashad Isn’t Happy With The Current State Of Sitcoms

Some consider the golden age of television sitcoms long gone.  When you grew up watching a show like The Cosby Show and you look at what’s being offered now in regards to black family sitcoms, you not only realize the writing is often poorly executed,...

Why I’m More Of A “Girls” Black Girl

I'm so much more into Hannah Horvath than Olivia Pope, and this is why.

MC Serch Debuts Daytime Talk Show

MC Serch from the 90s hip hop group 3rd Bass has a new career as a daytime talk show host. The “Gas Face” lyricist has the expected topics on his eponymous show like men with multiple children by just as many women, wayward teenagers, extreme...