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Airline Agent Tells Danielle Brooks She’s ‘Lucky’ To Be Flying First Class

Danielle Brooks, the Tony Award nominated Actress currently on Broadway as Sophia in The Color Purple and who most of America knows for playing Taystee on the hit Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, voiced her frustrations on Twitter recently after an eyebrow raising...

Young Celie, Desreta Jackson Says Colorism In Hollywood Made Her Leave Hollywood After ‘The Color Purple’

Coming here from the islands, I didn’t even know that I was dark-skinned, there wasn’t a color issue in my head — Desreta Jackson Desreta Jackson, best known for playing Young Celie Johnson in the 1985 Oscar Nominated Drama The Color Purple (opposite Danny Glover,...

Friday Funny: The Color Purple’s Sofia Meets Madea

We weren’t entirely sure where Oprah Winfrey was going when pictures hit the internet showing her famous “The Color Purple” character Sofia and Tyler Perry’s Madea posing together. We wondered if the meeting would be funny and creative or awkward and cringe-worthy. We’re pleased to...