Grand Jury’s Decision Initiates #BoycottBlackFriday

As most of the nation’s population tries to make sense of the decision made by he grand jury to not indict Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, ...

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Al Sharpton’s Finances Reveal Questionable Activity

Al Sharpton’s rise to power has always been attributed to his ability to be the spokesperson and mascot for victims of racial injustice. Wherever disruptive activity dwells, Sharpton marches to ...

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Women with Children Are More Productive Than Most People

Juggling motherhood and a high-powered career takes careful planning and an almost flawless skill set, and according to a recent study highlighted in the Washington Post, all that hard work ...

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Fact: Being a Black Woman Employee at Google is Not Fun

The tech world has never been known for its open door policy towards people of color. Its one of the few industries that has managed to legally keep their number ...

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Open Thread: Does He Resent Your Success?

The next time you get a feeling that your boo isn’t as happy about your achievements as he should be, it might not just be in your head. According to recent ...

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You Were Cc'd: The Importance of Delicate Email Etiquette

As worker bees, doesn’t it make you sad that we can’t handle our work woes by wrestling in the mud or just hauling off and slapping someone in the face ...

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The Society for Professional Women of Color

The Society for Professional Women of Color Launches

Women of color are in constant need of figurative and literal spaces where our concerns are addressed and our camaraderie is encouraged. The Society for Professional Women of Color, Inc. is one organization rising to meet that continual challenge. The Society for Professional Women of...