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Natural Hair’s Love Letter to Black Women

Dear Black Women, I want to start off by thanking for you finally embracing me the way you always should have. I had my time in the spotlight decades ago, and ...

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Solange’s 'Bridal Afro' Reignites Beauty Standards Debate

Solange Knowles has always embraced her own brand of style and beauty. So it was no surprise when her wedding attire and hairstyle effortlessly went against the norm. Most agree ...

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Put an End to the Itch: 5 Natural Remedies For an Itchy Scalp

Dealing with an incessantly itchy scalp is enough to drive a person insane. In some cases, it seems like every scratch only serves to intensify the itchy sensation. In order ...

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Beyoncé's New Surprise Album Is Actually a Platinum Box Set With Two New Songs

So after all the hoopla about a surprise album, Queen Bey took to the throne Tuesday morning via her label, Parkwood Entertainment to verify the details of her new release. Yes ...

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When Protective Styling Goes Wrong: Explaining Common Issues

There are many benefits to protective styling for naturals. Although the definition varies from person to person the key to a protective style is protecting the hair from over-manipulation, chemical ...

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Three Messy Hairstyles — Revamped!

In the past, topknots, messy ponytails and other relaxed styles were relegated to comfy Friday nights or Saturday morning trips to the grocery store. However these loose and lazy ’dos ...

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Tika Sumpter

Beauty Muse: Tika Sumpter’s Best Hair and Makeup Moments

Witnessing Tika Sumpter’s graceful ascent up the success ladder, we’ve found ourselves in awe of both her talent and her beauty. The “Get On Up” actress is one of those rare beauties who manage to be stunning no matter their hairstyle. She transitions from long,...

Tika Sumpter Defends Tyler Perry: ‘You have the right to turn the channel’

In a recent interview with The Grio, actress Tika Sumpter, from The Haves and the Have Nots applauded Tyler Perry for being groundbreaking and enlightened. Although there was a petition to remove her show from the OWN Network, the show is the top rated program on...

Tika Sumpter on Being a Dark-Skinned Actress: “I Got Letters Thanking Me For Simply Existing”

“Dark Girls,” which aired on Sunday on OWN, unearthed memories of colorism for a number of dark-skinned women who watched the documentary, including actress Tika Sumpter. Moved by the testimonies of women and children in “Dark Girls,” Sumpter penned an article for The Daily Beast...

Tyler Perry Aims To Fill Soap Opera Void With “The Haves and The Have Nots” — Will You Watch?

You may not love all of Tyler Perry’s screenwriting, but you can’t argue the fact that he’s an enterprising media mogul. Tyler understands his audience and offers them the comedy and/or drama they are willing to tune in every week for. Case in point? His...

Beauty Muse: Tika Sumpter’s 5 Best Hair and Makeup Looks

We were first introduced to Tika on the soap opera “One Life to Live” but the talented, statuesque stunner has recently been making waves in the media industry with roles on “Gossip Girl,” “The Game,” Sparkle and BET’s upcoming sitcom “Being Mary Jane.” From soft...