Meteorologist Fired for Responding to ‘Racist’ Facebook Post

Social media can land employees in a heap of trouble, and meteorologist Rhonda A. Lee found that truth out firsthand. Ms. Lee lost her job at KTBS-TV, an ABC affiliate in Shreveport, La. when she responded to a Facebook post criticizing her short afro. The...

5 Hairstyles for TWA Stage

When you transform from a perm to natural, you must not be afraid of the big chop. When you are left with your Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA), you may think “How am I going to style this little bit of hair?” Whether your hair is...

Styling Your TWA

There are several people who feel they do not have many options when it comes to styling their TWA – teenie-weenie-afro. Obviously, if your hair is less than an inch long, there are really not too many options when it comes to styling, aside from...