Tia Mowry Is Tired Of People Asking If She’s Pregnant Just Because She’s Gained Weight

Tia Mowry wants every to know, for the last time, that she’s not pregnant. She’s just happy. So please stop asking if her weight gain is from a pregnancy and not food. Recently Mowry appeared on Huff Post Live to talk about body shaming and...

Will Beyoncé’s Post-Baby Body Become The New Standard?

Beyoncé is hardly the first woman to dramatically slim down after having a baby but she is one of the fastest celebrities to do it. That fact can easily be thrown out the window if you don’t believe she actually gave birth, but since the...

How Your Handbags, Heels, and Hot Pants May Be Packing on Pounds

They say beauty is pain but it can also be pound-inducing. According to several well-known doctors, physical trainers, and therapists, some of our favorite accessories and wardrobe staples could be adding on the fat, or at the very least preventing us from losing any. Here...