Wendell Pierce

Wire Actor Wendell Pierce Arrested for Allegedly Beating Up Bernie Sanders Supporters

This election season has people acting crazy! Actor Wendell Pierce was arrested and charged with battery early Sunday morning after getting into an altercation at the Loews Atlanta Hotel. New Orleans native Pierce is known for his television roles as Detective William “Bunk” Moreland on The Wire...

Kerry Washington & Wendell Pierce Shine In This First Full Trailer For ‘Confirmation’

Just days after Justice Clarence Thomas asked his first question in a decade during an oral argument before the Supreme Court, HBO rolled out its first full trailer for the film Confirmation. The film takes a look at Thomas’ contentious hearings before the Senate during his run...

Actor Wendell Pierce Opens Grocery Stores in New Orleans Food Deserts

Food deserts – lack of access to grocery stores selling affordable, fresh foods – are critical issues in impoverished communities, including many New Orleans neighborhoods. Actor Wendell Pierce, a New Orleans native, is offering solutions. The “Treme” star launched Sterling Farms, a small chain of...