How to Handle Fall and Winter Hands

Barreling into the holidays, winter is fast approaching and the one constant is the cold, dry air that continues to zap the moisture from our skin, especially our hands. Keeping your standing two-week manicure appointment is paramount. But with multiple events, holiday gatherings, and parties...

Black Can Crack: 5 Steps to Protect Skin this Winter

Dull. Drab. Dry. Ashy. Let’s face it: as gorgeous as our skin can look in the summer, it can conversely look not-so-hot in the winter. That said, when the temperature plummets, your face game doesn’t have to follow. Here are five super-simple steps to keep...

Icy Winter Makeup for Brown Girls

Do you admire the ethereal makeup trend but frightened by the possibility of it looking ashy on you? Wearing icy shimmery metallic hues may be unfamiliar territory to you – but it can be done right! Mixing techniques and textures can create the perfect icy...