Yoga & Black People — Maybe Some Just Aren’t Interested

There’s been a lot of talk about the lack of diversity in yoga classes.  White faces seem to flock to yoga classes, even those in gentrified neighborhoods. We can scream at the top of our lungs that yes, some of us black people enjoy yoga....

Yes, Jen, Black Women Practice Yoga Too

By now you’ve probably read about the totally ridiculous yoga post heard-round-the-Internet that got Jen Polachek dragged so hard she changed her byline to “Jen Caron.” Without going into too many details—because believe me, her piece had waaaaay too many—I’ll give you the short version....

American Men Still Won’t Embrace Yoga, You Know, Because It’s a ‘Chick Workout’

Confession: I love yoga. I love yoga so much that I absolutely hate when people rag on it. The dumbest thing anyone could ever say is that it’s not a “real workout.” To which I always reply, “Of course it’s not! The goal is to...

California Yoga Studio Faces Criticism Over “Ghetto” Themed Class

Remember when N.W.A stood for “N*ggas With Attitude”? Well a California yoga studio came up with a novel idea and took N.W.A to a whole different level.  Namaste. With. Attitude. As part of it’s “ghetto fabulous” themed class yogis wore do-rags and threw up gang signs,...
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