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5 Weight Lifting Benefits For Women

Unfortunately, some women shy away from lifting weights because of the misconception that it basically means sacrificing their soft, feminine curves for bulky muscles and an overall masculine appearance. ...

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5 Steps to Take When You Fall Off the Clean Eating/Workout Wagon

Towards the end of summer, I decided to get really serious about clean eating and exercising.  Sure, bikini season was quickly coming to a close, but I looked at it ...

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8 Ways to Maintain Fall Fitness

The days of belly baring crop tops are quickly coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean exercise routines should be tossed aside like last season’s fashions. The figure you ...

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8 Lessons I've Learned During Marathon Training

In March, I signed up for a 5k called Bacon Chase that took place in June (the lure being that you got unlimited bacon at the end). I figured by ...

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#SheSquatsBro: Fitness Culture and the Black Booty Paradox

"The black man in America is the most copied man on this planet, bar none.” — Paul Mooney “So is the Black woman.” — Me Like many, my engagement with what I dub the ...

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Top Fitness Video Subscriptions For Active Women

Like any other industry, fitness is always trying to find a new way to sell you its goods. And the most popular product that’s currently for sale is online fitness ...

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One Woman Brings Yoga to a Chicago Neighborhood

Tameka Lawson is changing her Chicago neighborhood one yoga pose as at a time.  Lawson, a yoga enthusiast for only a year, is the executive director of I Grow Chicago, a non-profit organization in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. Lawson said she started practicing yoga because she needed...

5 Yoga Myths Debunked

If you think yoga is just a bunch of people in Lululemon performing gentle, relaxed poses, think again. Yoga is an intense exercise that‘s designed to ease your mind and whip your body into shape. And that’s just the start. New York City-based Taj Harris...

Yoga & Black People — Maybe Some Just Aren’t Interested

There’s been a lot of talk about the lack of diversity in yoga classes.  White faces seem to flock to yoga classes, even those in gentrified neighborhoods. We can scream at the top of our lungs that yes, some of us black people enjoy yoga....

Yes, Jen, Black Women Practice Yoga Too

By now you’ve probably read about the totally ridiculous yoga post heard-round-the-Internet that got Jen Polachek dragged so hard she changed her byline to “Jen Caron.” Without going into too many details—because believe me, her piece had waaaaay too many—I’ll give you the short version....

American Men Still Won’t Embrace Yoga, You Know, Because It’s a ‘Chick Workout’

Confession: I love yoga. I love yoga so much that I absolutely hate when people rag on it. The dumbest thing anyone could ever say is that it’s not a “real workout.” To which I always reply, “Of course it’s not! The goal is to...