Are men with bass in their voice, more likely to step out on their relationship?

According to a new study, most people believe so. In the journal, Evolutionary Psychology, researchers have found links between voice pitch with perceived unfaithfulness.

Researches interviewed 54 male and 61 female participants and had them listen to two recordings of male and female voices. What the participants did not know is that the pitches of the voices on the recording had been digitally raised and lowered. They were then asked to choose which voices belonged to people more likely to cheat on their partner.

The results: Women said the men with the lowest-pitched voices were more likely to cheat. But, they also said that they thought the men with the deepest voices were the most attractive.

So are we just hopelessly programmed to love a man with a smooth late-night sound? Well, yes says Jillian O’Connor of McMaster University in Ontario where the study was conducted:

“From an evolutionary perspective, if this perception did not benefit our ancestors by helping them choose better mates, then we would not expect it to persist.”

Previous studies have shown that men with very deep voice having increased levels of testosterone, making them more attractive to the opposite sex.  The reverse is true with women, where the higher pitch is considered more desirable.  Professor David Feinberg, adviser on the study, says the link between hearing a man with low tones in their voice and assuming he is a cheat.

“If these people are more attractive, they’re more likely to be in a relationship. Because of their hormones, they’re more likely to be promiscuous. And because they’re more attractive, their partners are more likely to let them get away with it.”

It’s an interesting take on why a man’s voice can make us swoon, but we’re not sure that a deeper voice alone makes a guy a cheater or that a cheater with smooth talk is worth taking back.

Tell us what you think Clutchettes: are men with deeper voices really more likely to be players that sleep around?

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  • Alexandra

    These studies are kinda funny sometimes.

    But as I read into it, I would say I somewhat agree. A lot of women do find men with deep voices more attractive. Deep voices have been attributed as a masculine trait.

    If a guy with a deep voice is attracting a lot of women, because of it (and he’s not faithful), then yeah he’s more likely to be unfaithful.

  • James Thomas

    I got to say that i don’t believe that every man with a deep voice is a cheater. I’m a man who has a very deep voice just like my father and I have been with the same woman for 8 years and Married to her for 3yrs. It just up to the standards of the man and the relationship that he’s in with his woman.