Located in Old City, Philadelphia the Indigo Arts Gallery showcases one of the most intriguing collections of international folk art.

The gallery prides itself in bringing visitors, “celebrates color, texture, and the boundless creativity of the human spirit, with an international bazaar of art and artifacts collected from Asia, Africa and the Americas.”

Indigo Arts Gallery features textiles, pottery, furniture, tribal masks and sculpture from all over the world. Their regular exhibitions showcase an array of work from all over the globe.  On the walls of the gallery hang paintings from Mexico, Nicaraguan “primitivista” paintings and the work of Cuba’s self-taught artists.

Indigo Arts Gallery has featured such prominent artists such as Ralfka Gonzalez, Fernando Olivera a Gerard, and Alexandre Gregoire.  Some of my favorite work from the gallery is its collection of Haitian paintings, sculpture and vodou flags, prints date back from the 1960s to work post last year’s devastating earthquake.  The artists of Port au Prince stand alongside artists from cities all over the globe.

With a space that shows a beautiful folk art from India to barbershop signboards from West Africa, the gallery has become a gem in the city of Brotherly Love.

To learn more about Indigo Arts Gallery, please visit: www.indigoarts.com

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