• Beyonce told Gaddafi to shove it! Well, his money that is. Hounded by the press to give back the money she earned performing for the Gaddafi clan at a New Year’s Eve Party in 2009, Beyonce told The Associated Press that she already gave the money to charity…a year ago. According to her publicist, Bey gave the money to “earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, over a year ago.” Apparently, “once it became known that the third party promoter was linked to the Qaddafi family, the decision was made to put that payment to a good cause.” Good for Beyonce. We’re just waiting to see if Mariah, Usher, and Lionel Richie will follow suit. [Hollywood Reporter]

  • Would you talk to a “naked therapist”? 24-year-old Sarah White has been gaining popularity lately as the “naked therapist.” Although she isn’t actually a licensed therapist, the PhD student has been dispensing advise via webcam while slooooooowly taking off her clothes. As expected, the mental health community isn’t embracing her brand of therapy, but that hasn’t kept the media from turning her into an overnight celebrity. I think Freud would dig her, how about you? [Salon]
  • Who says the media doesn’t give a damn? Despite the polarized and sometimes skewed views of some of our pundits, journalists in Somalia risk their lives to get the truth out every single day. For reporters at Radio Mogadishu, one of Somalia’s best-known stations, just covering the news can be life threatening. Last year, rebels mistakenly grabbed a woman who looked like a Radio Mogadishu reporter and threatened to cut off her head. Although they found out they nabbed the wrong woman before it was too late, terrorists still go to extremes to literally stop the press. [NPR]
  • Would you buy a camera that can make you look thinner? Panasonic hopes you will. They’ve created a new digital camera that will help you *ehem* enhance your imperfections without even touching a computer. Dubbed “beauty retouch,” the feature allows users to eliminate redeye, smooth uneven skin, whiten teeth, and knock a few pounds off of their face. Panasonic said they introduced the feature after nearly half of the users they asked were “not satisfied with the way their faces looked in a photograph.” Hmmm, might I can see the Facebook photos now. [Good]


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  • Rob

    They love to shop too much I don’t believe them.

  • KingJason

    And why does she have to give anything back? It’s absurd where are the cries for US corporations to give money back? How many innocent deaths is Gaddafi responsible for as opposed to George Bush? Give me a break and btw those poor folks in his country you’re worrying about are randomly terrorizing any Black African they run across. Foreign workers are hiding in fear.

  • ash

    good for you beyonce :-)