It’s 10:30 p.m. and your girls pull another improv night on the town. You’re down because frankly you need to release some stress. So, you beat your face, put on a freakum dress, and those sexy stilettos you can’t wear to work. You walk in the place at the height of your self confidence and with the best posture. Fast forward a few hours, you can barely move. No more “Single Ladies” routines. You defaulted to standing in that cute pose you always see Beyonce do on the red carpet. Body slanted with right foot slightly placed in front of the other.while your pinky toe screams “Get me out of here!”

We all have a few of those stories. Beauty is pain. But is it always worth it?

I get it. Picture a runway and every model is in heels. Picture a fierce woman and she’s in heels. Picture Kimora Lee Simmon’s fabulosity and it’s in heels. High heels. Six inch stilettos. It sounds so sexy until the next day your fresh pedi has a few blistering friends and sometimes, everything from your back to your knees is hurting. When a study came out last year that high heels can cause health issues, we already got the memo.

In 2008, the always “fierce” Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t even hang up her heels as she carried her two unborn twins. The glamorous diva couldn’t even get a pass to be fierce in flats.

But in defense of heels, they do give you a quick confidence boost and help with your posture. They are one of the sexiest items a woman can wear and very significant to what many connect to femininity. For those blisters and callous, there is nothing a quick soak and some aquafor or shea butter can’t fix. In fact, I put shea butter on my feet every night and seal them with socks because I’m a heelaholic (that secretly has a box of flats in my closet).

Are those sexy six inches worth your sole?

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  • OSHH

    I do all manner and style of shoe. In the above scenario those quick flats would be ideal if you know the shoes you rocking have an expiration time of a few hours LLS and yes I have those kind too.
    Like it was mentioned platforms ARE easier to wear than a straight stilleto style.

  • ALIG83

    As someone who has to get around by public transportation and walking, I rarely wear heels and I am tired of people (coworkers/friends) who feel it is their place to question me about my shoe choices.

  • a daughter of yemonya

    It is definitely a personal decision, but we all must make wise and informed decisions and here is an article that speaks on the internal affects of wearing heels…imagine sending electrical shocks throughout your body from your feet all the way to your uterus…but it is one side to this story, but it is a side… Peace

  • a daughter of yemonya

    I know that this is a personal decision, however in order to make an informed decision it is best to hear all sides and this is another side to what wearing heels can do to our bodies; internally. Imagine electrically shocking/frying your uterus. But this is just one side of this…Peace

  • Are you serious? I think it doesn’t make any sense. google it yourself