We all know Serena Williams is sexy. Her body is nothing short of amazing and along with dominating the competition on the court, Williams she is very proud to show off her curves as well. But a new advertisement for the video game, Top Spin 4, has some yelling, “foul.”

In the video Williams is billed as “the world’s sexiest tennis player” and she virtually takes on actress Rileah Vanderbilt, “the world’s sexiest gamer.” The two are seen in fishnet stockings, leather bustiers, low cut tops, and grunt and moan seductively into the camera. During the “unofficial” commercial both ladies’ cakes are on full display as they battle it out via the Xbox Kinect.

Apparently, the spot was even too sexy for 2K Sports, the makers of Top Spin 4.  They pulled the ad before it could hit TV. But unfortunately for them, nothing is really dead in this YouTube age and actress Rileah Vanderbilt posted it to YouTube. The ad went viral and many are wondering if it should have been made at all.

So what do you think? Is this ad super sexy or straight up sexist? Sound Off!


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  • kwazi

    Get over it people… sex sells and i’ve seen worse on daytime television and on a beach and guess what.. so has your children! If the commercial was played in Europe no one would even bat an eyelash. We (americans) love to play prude and chaste.

    If we stop making mountains out of ant hills when it comes to things like this young people wouldnt think its so taboo and not be pressed to “rebel” by doing.

    Teen pregancy stats in the US vs. Europe prove that.

    • chanelA

      seriously? i am so damn tired of that excuse ” sex sells”. its so old and tired. like someone else said, why do we ALWAYS have to sell sex? its such a cheap and annoying tactic.

      plus you swear like they’d ever show male tennis players in speedos or boxer briefs moaning in a commercial.

  • It was sexy. There are alot more bad things on television now.

  • MistyMoonsilver

    GARBAGE!!!! Its a TENNIS game! Its not supposed to be sexy! wtf is wrong with y’all??

  • frimpongra

    Did Serena loose her mind…that commercial is too much.

  • l

    Serena did her in this ad!! And obviously the individuals with negative comments didn’t pay any attention to the very last thing she said and that was this is a fantasy.