I’ve loved her ever since the perm and sepia album covers and I will proudly admit: I am still a sucker for Mariah.

Though it’s been hard to defend her every career move (Glitter anyone?), Mariah is one of the few remaining VH1 Divas whose music can take us back to the good old days. And maybe it’s all this nostalgia that has me rooting for her, but I do so shamelessly. Why? Because of late, Mariah is giving me hope that there is a chance to have it all. Or something like that.

This week weekend, Mariah partied it up with her hubby, Nick Cannon and some friends at her baby shower. According to reports, the affair was one to remember with the Conservatory Grill at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills converted into a pink and blue fantasy. The theme reflected the couples expectations- Mariah is pregnant with twins- one boy and one girl.

All the pink and blue hydrangeas, stuffed giraffes and balloons may seem just another of the decadence Mimi often brings as just a part of who she is. But there’s something else- the girl seems truly, truly happy.

Twins, marriage, the career still unrivaled- at 41 Mariah seems like she is actually peaking. Things are lining up for the star and it’s not the way many would have ever thought.

Think about it- she married late, she married a younger man, and she is pregnant at an age that many women say would be too late. And yet even with what others would not have imagined as the expected path, things have come together for the superstar. Sure, many can point and make references to the life they thought she would have had, but at the end of the day- the smile on Mariah’s face says it all. It makes me realize that happiness just may come before the panic of “too late.”

There are always reasons to worry about things not coming together, but Mariah gives us hope that all things unfold in their own time and sometimes beyond what we could even imagine.

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  • Shon

    Can we move past Glitter? She was in Precious as well and did a nice job.

  • Yes, I do agree with the last line: “There are always reasons to worry about things not coming together, but Mariah gives us hope that all things unfold in their own time and sometimes beyond what could even imagine.”

    But, I also think there is another piece: What if it took her, until her late 30 to finally find certain parts of herself to even open herself up to ‘everything working out.’

    At any rate, Intentional living coupled with ‘right timing’ seem to have won out in her life?

  • LN

    Love this piece! Yes, I think as black women we worry too much sometimes about coordinating/planning our lives to the tee, and not enough about just living.

    Sometimes I worry about my “brand” or my “career” but then I have to sit back and remember that I’m only 25!! As my mother always tells me, “The best is yet to come.”

    Another idol I look to when it comes to ‘peaking at an older age’ is Oprah. We know her now as a global superstar, but she started her show when she was 32, and she has often said that it took her 10 years to build it to the brand it has become today.

  • i love mariah; i even loved Glitter (dont shoot me. it was in a so-bad-its-actually-epically-great kind of way lol) and im happy to see that shes happy. she spent the better part of the 90s in an abusive marriage so im glad to see that she married someone she obviously loves and that loves her back. im also not surprised that shes pregnant, because nick is younger and i recently read that younger men have a better chance of producing healthy babies in older women. plus her music is still some of the best out there… so go, mariah!