One of my co-workers is natural — under her weave. She also has long beautiful nails — under the acrylic. And her big almond shaped eyes really sparkle — under her amethyst contacts. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to chastise her. I think every woman’s method of beauty should be germane to her situation. Who am I to decide how a woman should primp? It does however perplex me that this very same co-worker literally rants that,

“Women who choose to relax don’t really appreciate their heritage. Therefore they can’t possibly love themselves.”

My co-worker is one of those aggressive naturals. You know the ones that turn the subject of hair into a full on debate. She is completely against relaxers and has no qualms about expressing her disgust for another woman’s chemically straightened tresses — to her face! Yet, she wears fake outs everyday.

I am not against weave. In fact, I am quite found of weave. Its versatile, can serve as a protective style, and you have endless options to chose from. I am not against acrylic nails either, but when a person who happens to not relax adamantly claims they are “au natural” with all of these obviously fake editions, is that an accurate assessment?

What does natural mean to you?

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  • My hair is relaxed and long. I am the definition of long hair don’t care because it’s my choice. I relax a few times a year because I’m not a fan of sitting and frying my hair often. It’s hair. Sometimes I choose to wear it so big and puffy you’d think I never had a relaxer. At the moment its in a carefree pony tail.

    It’s hair. As long as it’s healthy and nicely trimmed, I’m happy.

    I say we ignore people on their high horses. I treat them like the those “preachers” in the NYC subway. Look down and walk away very quickly. Let’s not give them the pleasure of this so-called debate and live our lives.

  • This is a double standard. How can you talk about ppl not appreciate their heritage by perming their hair, yet you can’t be all natural yourself!

    Please stop fooling yourself. If you’re natural, so what, permed hair, good for you, but don’t bash others for their choice. Esp if you can’t keep up w/ yours.

  • Ashley

    i dont think a person should have anything to say about how someone wears anything on they body. educating ppl on the harms of relaxing is cool. but dont turn it into a debate. i think relaxed hair and natural hair both look nice. shoot. my hair is natural and i relaxed my friend hair the other day. lol