When I see a woman in a bra that clearly doesn’t support her “girls,” I cringe. We’ve all encountered it so many times: a woman with a bra too small or too big. Many of us have been that woman. It’s a problem that eight out of 10 women are faced with. Reports show nearly 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Most women wear their bras 1 to 1.5 inches too big in the band and one cup size too small.

Not only is wearing an ill-fitted bra a disaster for your look, it’s bad for your health. The wrong bra will put undue strain on your back and shoulders. Bare Necessities gives us a few signs to look for when determining if we are wearing the right bra size.

Click through to see all the signs, Clutchettes!

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  • I just wrote about this too! Ladies, we gotta start wearing the right size http://crystalmeth-odology.blogspot.com/2012/06/boobs.html

  • Harmony

    Being a certified bra expert, I agree with you. I can’t even begin to express how many people in the wrong bra and/or size! At my store, we offer a wide range of bra styles but the sizes only range from a 36B to a 46H. I do wish our sizes started at a band size of 32 and went to a 48.

    Education is key, I strongly believe. The measurement is ONLY a guide. If I’m measuring a gal at a 40G, but I can tell just by looking at her she is only a DDD, I’m certainly not going to give G’s to begin with!

    I then find out exactly what shes wanting (support, coverage, lift, etc) and go from there. As she trying on the different styles, I’m looking for proper fit by: no bulging, no gaping, side boob coverage, front-middle of bra should lay flat against the breastbone, straps in the right place, band is in the correct place (between the shoulder and elbow), the band is the correct size (she should never, never leave with a bra that is any tighter than the clasps being in the middle hooks (I strive for the first hooks, always)).

    And the one thing I see more than I’d like is what I call shelf-boob. Ugh, come on people, your cups are obviously to big and more than likely you are in the wrong bra altogether!

    Those of us who do this for a living really needs the appropiate training and knowledge base of all of the bras in our stores and their pros/cons, the different types of breasts, all of the issues listed above and what the solutions are, that it isn’t uncommon for a woman to be in a 44D in a certain bra and a 44DD in another and most importantly, my store may not have a bra that will work! Oh, did I mention that if I put a woman in a bigger cup, same band size and it still isn’t fitting, stay with the bigger cup and go down a band size, if it still isn’t fitting, go back to the original cup size but increase the band size!

    No wonder the percentage keeps rising! Sorry for the rant, I’m just very passionate about this issue.